Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Now Playing: Wild Arms - Alter Code: F

 Maybe just what I wanted?
 So, I played Wild Arms a few days ago, and I was less than impressed with it. My biggest gripes came with how outclassed it was by future games, well, this game might have me covered. It's Wild Arms 1 remade with the Wild Arms 3 engine. So, hopefully, the puzzles will be better, combat will be better and there will be more customization.

 The dialogue is a bit awkward at times, not unlike the original game, but I can already tell that they are being very cinematic with the presentation, so, hopefully, it will deepen into character's personalities, which were pretty flat in the first game.

 While the new graphics are a big plus, character models look a bit weird, I think their torsos are too big for their tiny legs. Also, the new Surf village was rather pathetic, there were only three houses and barely any NPC, a far cry from the first game, and I'm worried that the other towns will be smaller too. But then again, a lot of the buildings and NPCs were merely filler in the previous game, so maybe having more mainstreamed towns will be better in the long run. I remember how easy and fast it was to explore a town in WA1, but now, thanks to the newer, better graphics... we've load times to contend with, which is the norm on PS2, but I got used to the faster exploration in the first game!

 The battles I hope will show their refinement later, I've only just finished Jack's prologue, which by the way is very lame how we've to play them in order now! and they lack the way FP worked in WA2 and 3, however, I can already tell that the new FP mechanics will prove to be more flexible in the end, I think. Equipment has been removed, which sucks, but if I can enhance my weapons like I could in WA3, I'll be OK.

 It looks promising! This remake looks oh so very promising, it might be exactly what I needed: Wild Arms 1 with the refinements the series would get with subsequent installments.

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