Thursday, April 6, 2017

Now Playing: Vexx

 It's a me, hardcore edgelord Mario!
 Do you remember Vexx? I do. It was hyped as 'Mario for adult players', and me, as an edgy forum-frequenter mememaster teen bought into it. And when I finally came across it... it was OK. Still, A nagging feeling of 'I need to complete it' got into my head last year, and here we are.

 First of all... I'm not impressed. It feels like Mario 64, if a bit more clunky. I was excited at first, 'I'm gonna complete it!' and then... I was warped back into the Hub, losing all my progress in the level... yeah, that's way too antiquated and boring for me. I think I'll just do the bare minimum.

 Anyways, I'm not impressed, and while I wasn't expecting much, the issue above kinda soured me about Vexx, so I'm kinda not looking forwards to finishing it. But hey, at least Tony Hawk - American Wasteland is coming up next!

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