Thursday, April 13, 2017

Now Playing: Koudelka

 Even the game isn't sure how to pronounce it!
 Koudelka certainly is... different, but in a good way, I think. I liked how you can customize each character's stats, and the combat system is relatively fun, I don't understand why it was panned at the time. Considering the time of its release, the voice acting is relatively decent, and I'm loving the story, it has had some pretty creative plot points.

 What I didn't like was... breakable weapons. I hate it when weapons have durability, worst of all, you're expected to raise your proficiency by using weapons, but if you use them, you break them! The encounter rate might be a bit too high, maybe.

 Well, this year I decided to give the entire Shadow Hearts franchise a go, and so far, it's looking promising!

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