Sunday, April 2, 2017

Now Playing: The Hobbit

 Ain't no cow milked enough like The Lord of the Rings.
 Nostalgia is a powerful coat of paint. It makes you remember things as being better, shinier and more beautiful than they really were. Case in point, Sierra's The Hobbit, a game I had rather fond memories of... but turns out to be rather mediocre. Kinda.

 My first impressions were not good. Bilbo moved like a sack of potatoes, invisible walls everywhere, and rather stiff movement.... But it was an interesting first level, not unlike Twilight Princess: An introduction with no combat, but instead a ton of mundane tasks that sets the mood for the beginning of the adventure. By the end of the first level, I was kinda impressed!

 Basically, it's not as fantastic as I remembered it to be, but it has an undeniable charm

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