Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Now Playing: Transformers - Devastation

 Platinum struck gold again.
 Undeterred by my savefile loss, I returned to the PS3 to face Megatron in Transformers Devastation. I'll keep it short and sweet: It's fantastic.

 The Good:
- Combat is fast and furious, it feels so good to land attacks.
- The graphics look phenomenal, it's very colorful, runs at a steady framerate and the animations are top notch.
- Simple mechanics, easy to pick up and play, even the nitty gritty like synthesizing weapons is pretty easy

 The Bad:
 - No playable Decepticons.
 - All five characters are basically clones. It seems like a few weapons are restricted to a certain characters? But I've yet to come across one, I'm just going by the HUD at the LAB.

 And that's about it, I think it's pretty damn good. It might even be better than their Ninja Turtles game.

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