Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Now Playing: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

 That one level...
 So, I boot up the game and... no story, just a mission select screen. Then I have to go through the tutorial, which hung up and I had to reset. I played a couple of races and it didn't feel right. I thought the game was terrible.

 ...but I soldiered on. I remember my kind of games: Who cares about plot? I play games, not watch them, plus, it brought me a sense of... nostalgia, reminded me of old Nintendo 64 games that didn't need all these fluff. And I didn't get another glitch. And I learned to like the game.

 It's not brilliant by any means, but it can be rather fun. Something still feels off, maybe, maybe it's just the fact that the physics are so similar, yet different from mainline Tony Hawk games. Hopefully, by the time I review it I've a firmer grasp on what feels so weird.

 Basically, it's decent.

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