Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My SaveFile died and Why I hate Modern Gaming

 So there I was, fresh off the Hobbit, ready to start a new game: Transformers - Devastation. So, I turn on my PS3, seems like something went wrong the last time it turned off, so it had to check for errors. So it did... but it got stuck at 49% for 10+ minutes, so I rebooted the system...

...and was forced to wipe off all my data and format the disc.
 There went all the costumes I spent hours getting in JoJo's All Star Battle Royale. I had a lot of games, like Tales of Graces and Xillia, or Devil May Cry, waiting for me to start new files with all the goodies. But alas, it was not meant to be.

  I also have to download all my DLC again, which isn't much fun. But then again, unlocking characters in ArkSys games is gonna be a chore. Unlocking everything in Saint Seiya Soldiers Souls is gonna be a drag, Raging Blast 2 was boring as well.

 My 100+ hours invested in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3? Gone.
 I was planning on giving Escape Dead Island another go with its DLC, the one that needs you beating it once in order to access? Those plans went down the drain. Fun. Warriors Orochi 3 was really fun, but unlocking every character? That wasn't fun. Unlocking as much as I did in Xenoverse was a grueling chore, and I'm not doing that again.

 Man, I miss memory cards. At least if my Wii dies, everything's in my SD card.

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