Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Now Playing: Sonic Heroes

 How come people enjoy Sonic games?
 I thought American Wasteland was gonna be bad, it wasn't. I thought Vexx was gonna be terrible, it wasn't. I thought the Hobbit wouldn't be able to live up to my nostalgia, it did. But man oh man, Sonic Heroes is awful. I would play this game back when I was younger, and I remember liking it a whole lot. The whole three-character team aspect of the game made me like it more than Adventure 1 even.

 But there's no denying that the game controls like butt. Precise movement is impossible, moving around feels very awkward, and I've fallen to my death due to shoddy movement/hit detection/physics wonkiness more time than I can count! I can't fathom anybody liking this game, it doesn't feel good. Jumping is floaty, running is floaty and slippery and hitting enemies feels like hitting air! In what world is this a good game!?

 Needless to say, I'm not impressed. I'm the opposite of overjoyed. I hate this game.

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