Sunday, June 1, 2014

Month Overview: May

Games completed in May:
 Hexyz Force                                                                                                   7.5
 Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus                                      9.5
 Dexter's Laboratory  Robot Rampage                                                              6.0
 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle                                                           8.0

 Very, very slow month, I was busy with mid-terms and other academic-related stuff, which seriously cut-off my game time. At least, the few games I played were great.

Game of March:
 Not my highest rated game this month, but the one I had the most fun with. I wish I could've rated it higher, but it barely has any modes, Campaign Mode is terrible(Microtransactions on a game with a $50 entry fee!?) and the story mode was so bare bones.... But the gameplay made up for everything, the attention to detail was glorious, there simply isn't a better JoJo game out there.

 You know how awesome would it be to have Extreme Vs on the go? This is the next best thing. Next Plus plays a bit more like the older VS games, like Federation VS Zeon, which means it's a bit slower, it's not a bad thing, but it does feel different. Regardless, there's a rather different roster(Even if each update to Extreme Vs adds more and more returning Mobile Suits from Next Plus) and some play pretty different, so it's worth it.

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