Monday, June 23, 2014

Now Playing: Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood

 Because it's not over until we are done with Ezio's trilogy.
 The jump to AC 2 after AC 1 was huge. But from AC2 to Brotherhood it feels like a tiny step. Combat has been refined, a couple of new moves, execution streaks(Which makes combat even easier) and I think the weapon wheel has spots for new weapons? Know what isn't cool? How the game removes most of Ezio's equipment at the start, which I wouldn't mind, but I grew so attached to the double Hidden Blades, that going back to one is depressing.

 I'm barely a couple of hours into the game, and I'm already swimming in money, renovated a ton of shops everywhere, got a Butcher's Knife and I'm making over 5200 florins every 20 minutes, I think I just broke the game's economy.

 One thing I noticed is that the segment with Desmond and Lucy felt very Uncharted-like, both characters joking around and talking while performing athletic feats? Plus, Drake was voiced by the same guy that voices Desmond, it's impossible not to notice!

 All in all, I'm having quite a bit of fun, Ezio looks much more badass now, and while the gameplay is basically the same, I love having a new town to explore.... but I fear it might be a tad small? Only 23 viewpoints while the last game had 73? I noticed that the game has a couple of throwbacks to AC 1 as well, now on the loading screen you can use your weapons, like AC1, and the collectible banners return.

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