Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Quickie: Uncharted - Eye of Indra

 I've had this installed since last year!
 Eye of Indra is a short 4-part motion comic that serves as a prequel to Uncharted 1. While it's supposed to explain the beef between Eddie Raja and Nate... this is actually their second encounter, and their first quarrel is quickly handwaved with "He wanted to screw me, but I beat him to the punch", in other words, the main selling point is kind of a lie. As for the story itself, it jumps between the present, where Nate and Eddie are being tortured, and the past, slowly piecing together what happened before they got caught. The set-up is not as smart as it thinks, and the story itself is rather plain and one of the plans a bit of a stretch(What if the torturing took place in another room?).

 The art is very average, with varying degrees of quality. Nate's face isn't very consistent, and at times he looks more like a gruff, square-jawed action hero than the "everyman" Naughty Dog envisioned. Being a motion comic, they employed some dull looking movements every now and then, nothing particularly exciting. On the flipside, voice acting is a highpoint of the product, with the series' voice actors reprising their roles, even though sometimes the tones used don't match the art very well.

 Uncharted: Eye of Indra feels like a rather short and unexciting 24-36 self-contained comic book, with nothing interesting to look forward to. Fans of the series might even feel disappointed seeing how it's supposed to explain why Eddie and Nate hated each other, but this isn't even supposed to be their first encounter.
 3.5 out of 10

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