Thursday, June 5, 2014

Now Playing: Bleach - Heat the Soul 7

 This is... my Bankai!
 I used to be a huge Bleach fan, the Soul Society/Rescue Rukia arcs remains one of my favorite story arcs in Shonen manga... sadly, the manga has fallen from grace, ever since the last parts of Las Noches. It has now become a trite, cliched, dumb and baffling shadow of what it used to be. Bleach, what happened to you? During the DS/PSP era, I was a DS owner and I was graced with some amazing 2D fighters, the first one that remains a fantastic fighting game and a fantastic Bleach game(The second one is plagued with glitches and joke characters which makes it suffer a lot). But as much as I loved the DS games, I always kept an eye on the Heat the Soul Series, and while the DS games stopped at the early stages of the Arrancar saga, the PSP games kept on going, needless to say, I've longed for this game for so long!

 I'm up to the 10th stage of the Story Mode, and I've mixed feelings about it. The combat system gets a while to get used to, but it plays akin to the Naruto: Clash of the Ninja series, not surprisingly since it was developed by the same people! Character roster is huge, there's a nice amount of modes, but there's something, a certain something that I can't quite put my finger on that is missing. I suppose after logging a bit more play time I'll be able to pinpoint it or get fully accustomed to the gameplay.

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