Sunday, April 17, 2016

Now Playing: Toukiden Kiwami

 I guess Omega Force wanted a break from the Warriors series?
 There's an spoken rule when it comes to Monster Hunter games: If thee are worth thy salt, thee shall haveth an upgradedeth rerelease', which is sort of appropriate considering Capcom, Kings of the Updated Rerelease, more or less created the genre. And no, I'm not even gonna get into the PSO VS MH debate, because it's not worth it. Regardless, Toukiden Kiwami is Toukiden's updated rerealese, and considering I didn't own a Vita during the original release, I have not, and will not, played the original release.

 Anyways, I just did the first two missions and these are my initial impressions:

 - It's really fast, feels more like Gods Eater Burst than Monster Hunter, when it comes to speed.
 - I seem to be missing my attacks a lot. This didn't happen in GEB or even in Monster Hunter. Hopefully it's only an issue with the small, fodder enemies.
 - I love the eastern setting, what I've seen of the armors look straight out of their better Samurai Warriors designs, like Mitsunari. It's like everyone is a different variation of Mitsunari, and I love it.

 All that said, I'd lie if I said that I liked it, missing my attacks all the time isn't very fun. I mean, let's be honest, the objective in these games are the big, bad monsters, but so far, it hasn't made a good impression. I was also a bit let down seeing that it's gonna be a gathering game when it comes to upgrading, and I understand how hypocritical it is of me to complain about that when I praise Monster Hunter so much, but I think it has to do with the fact that I actually enjoy Monster Hunter, sure, hunting 10+ Lagiacruses waiting for that random drop was a bit of a pain, but having each hunt being easier and easier, since I was learning how to fight it, made it rewarding. Regardless, the game hasn't hooked me yet, so maybe, and if it hooks me, I won't see it so negatively!

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