Friday, April 15, 2016

Now Playing: Silent Hill - Downpour

 I think it's OK to call myself a fan now?
 Since it's raining right now, and since Book of Memories is so bad, it felt appropriate to play this game now. Having sunk one hour in it already, I already stand on a somewhat solid ground on how I feel about the game.

What I liked:
 - The atmosphere. Recently, well, somewhat recently, I've started to appreciate games that take their time to build the atmosphere. Kinda like Twilight Princess, in which you spend about an hour doing mundane tasks before you even get your first blade. Well, it's about 50 minutes here before you see the first enemy, and all the while before that, the game builds its atmosphere perfectly. Exploring abandoned, worn down buildings, and then getting your first experience of Silent Hill's Darkside. And the environments feel pretty Silent Hillish. It's a tiny bit different from previous games, but you can still tell the strong Silent Hill influence.

What I didn't like:
 -Wielding weapons is a bit cumbersome. Dumb things like taking out your gun making you drop your melee weapon. It's not terrible, but it feels a bit unpolished.

 - The combat and the monsters. Both things are tied together, but... enemies block attacks now. Yeah... it feels a bit weird, because they do it with their arms. And it's tied together because enemies... they feel uninspired. Silent Hill 3, 4 and 0rigins, and from what I remember 2 as well, had these weird creatures that moved in jerky, unnatural yet organic ways. You could say that they felt like twisted life forms. These enemies, at least the ones I encountered, move in a very robotic fashion. Swipe, Swipe. opening. And then you Attack, attack, they block, so then you block, they swipe, you either attack or block the next swipe, etc. It feels very predictable and robotic. They aren't as creepy as previous monsters in the franchise.

- The graphics. Truth be told, I don't care about graphics most of the time, but the character models look a bit subpar, and the humans' animations look jerky.

 Regardless, while I have more bad things to say about the game than good ones, I'm still enjoying the game. The atmosphere is really well done, which makes up for the disappointing enemies, and who knows, they might get better eventually, I mean, I only encountered one enemy type after all! And while the combat system is robot, it's not necessarily bad, just mediocre.

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