Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Now Playing: Silent Hill 0rgins

 Did Konami really, REALLY titled it '0'rigins? Seriously? I guess they did...
 So there I was, thinking to myself 'Sigh, I really have to play Mass Effect? That'd mean leving my room. Sigh', so I did the only thing that made sense: Started Silent Hill 0rigins.

 So far so good, I just cleared the Hospital section, and the game is relatively fun. I hate how it seems like you can't kill enemies while in the Darkside, I lost a bunch of health and a few melee weapons to the nurses. Speaking of nurses, I found it interesting how they decided to open up the game with the nurses so soon!

 It seems to run at a pretty consistent framerate, sometimes clearly going over 30, goddamn, PSP games usually have framerate issues!

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