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My Favorite Playstation 3 Games

 Here's the gist of it, in this world there's only one constant I'm entirely subjected to: Change. I am a person, and right now I'm not the same man that I was when I first began writing, heck, that guy wasn't even the same guy that wanted to write this in the first place! What I want to get to, once I stop digressing, is that this list is how I feel right now, at this very moment, so when and if I feel like making this list again, and knowing myself I probably will, it might change.

 So, what is that list? These are the games I liked the most on each particular system, this time around the Playstation 3. These are not necessarily the games I consider best, but the ones I liked the most and the ones I have the fondest memories of. For these lists I tried to stay away from multiplatform games, or from ports. I tried to, but in a few cases it was impossible to.

 As a matter of fact, avoiding multiplatform games was nigh impossible when discussing my favorite games on this system, since it seems most games are multiplatform nowadays... which is not necessarily a bad thing, since more people can play more games!

10) Assassin's Creed 2
 Assassin's Creed 1 was... underwhelming, to say the least, but Assassin's Creed 2? Hot damn! The parkour system was perfected, feeling smoother than ever, there was a ton of game to explore, and a lot of sidequests to fulfill and a ton of things collect. And this is a personal preference of mine, but I loved seeing the different armors reflected on Ezio. The story and presentation were pretty good as well, sure character models were a bit lacking, but the environments were gorgeous, which is all the better considering the huge amounts of exploring you were going to do.

9) Infamous 2
 I'm not sure about what I was expecting when I played Infamous 2. Infamous 1 was a fun game, with an excellent plot twist, but a mediocre story. Infamous 2 not only has a better story, but made the gameplay much more fun. Differences between 'Evil' and 'Good' powers were much more pronounced, and now you even got to experiment with Ice and Fire. I remember doing the 'Good' playthrough, so I got stuck with the lame Ice powers... and then I earned the 'Ice Shotgun', which not only was pretty damn effective, it also felt amazing to use. And that's one of the game's better strength: How good it feels to play it. Just moving around using all your various powers feels amazing by itself, but the combat moves are just as fun to use and experiment with.

8) Deadly Premonition
 If you were to take apart the game and dissect it piece by piece you'd end up with... with a mess of broken pieces. At face value, you wouldn't be wrong in saying that the game is pretty bad. And it is, but it's the 'so bad it's good' kind of game. Clearly inspired by Twin Peaks, it takes the insanity of its citizens to 11. Every character is memorable thanks to their quirks and storylines, and the game itself is just so damn endearing, with Francis York Morgan being among my favorite characters ever. Ever. I'm a huge advocate of gameplay over story, but this game has mediocre, if not terrible, gameplay with an insane story full of personality and memorable moments. And not everyone will 'get' the game, and that's alright because it's not a game for everyone, either you'll end up hating it for being so bad, or you'll learn to love its craziness.

7) Killer is Dead
 Disclaimer: Suda 51 is my favorite director ever, his crazy style is something I simply adore, and just as with Swery 65's masterpiece, Deadly Premonition, his games are not for everyone. That aside, I don't know if Suda 51 set out to do it on purpose, but with Killer is Dead he managed to mix elements from both No More Heroes and Killer7 on an entirely different product. It has the artstyle and some of the themes from Killer7, but with gameplay more akin to No More Heroes, Killer is Dead is like most Suda 51 games: Incomprehensible and shallow on the outer surface, but if you are willing to look deeper, you'll be rewarded with a fantastic story, and I do recommend going out of your way to find some of the explanations people have written about it, there was this piece about how the story was related to chess... as well as a decently deep combat system that encourages avoiding damage in order to get stronger attacks.

6) Journey
 I said it before, and I'll say it again: The three hours I spent on Journey were some of the best hours I ever spent on a game. A very minimalist game, but one that is a joy to experience. It's so minimalist that there really isn't a lot to say about the game, it's fun, it's interesting, it's engaging, it's gorgeous and it's even a little emotional. It's phenomenal.

5) Uncharted 3
 Assassin's Creed 1 was alrightish, but Uncharted 1 was vomit inducing. Then came Uncharted 2 and holy chipotle, it was great. And then came Uncharted 3. A lot of people argue that Uncharted 2 is a better game, often citing the story, and it's true, Uncharted 2 has a better story, no in small part because, when it came to Uncharted 3, they though of scenes and set pieces and built the game around them. But y'know, when it comes to videogame's, in my book, gameplay triumphs over story almost every time. So I don't care that the story isn't as good, all I care about is that this game has some of the most exciting scenes I've ever played in a videogame, period. If I wanted a good story I'd read a book, or watch a movie, but when I game I want exciting gameplay, and this delivers in spades.

4) The Evil Within
 I've mentioned in a previous list just how much I adored Resident Evil 4. Well, take Resident Evil 4 and make it even better and you get The Evil Within. The story is interesting, the environments are creepy, ammo is relatively scarce, but when the actions begins, it doesn't let up. I've seen a lot of people saying that the game isn't proper horror, but personally, I thought that it had enough horror elements and enough action elements as to properly work. But then again, this year I've been playing tons of Survival Horror games, and spoilers, I always ended up with my inventories full of ammo, heck, I'd argue I had more ammo problems in this game than in any Resident Evil or Silent Hill I played this year.
 But I digress, as per usual, I enjoyed the hell out of The Evil Within, it was one of the best games I played this year, and of the best I've on the console.

3) Darksiders
 Man, Darksiders... Darksiders was something special. It didn't have a single original thing to its name, but every thing it borrowed, it worked fantastically, and it meshed with the other elements perfectly. I loved the story, the settings, the characters and Joe Madureira's badass art helped a lot in bringing its world to life. As for the gameplay, it's God of War meets The Legend of Zelda, and it works surprisingly well, earning new tools to access new places was fun, as was traversing the various different settings of a post apocalyptic(Literally!) world. The combat wasn't as combo heavy or as deep as other hack and slash games, but it didn't really need to, it's as deep as this game required. It also received a sequel, that added a ton of welcome mechanics, like deeper RPG elements and even loot, but the setting wasn't as interesting, and a ton of the sidequests were a bit too vague. Regardless, it was a quality game, and regardless, they still owe us two games, at least.

2) Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost
 I've talked about these games, nay, about this franchise a lot in my blog, because I really do love it. Heck, I've even made posts describing how I felt about each unit on vanilla Full Boost and Gundam Vs Gundam Final Plus, because I have a blast trying every unit. And the reason I love this games so much is that they feel as if they had been made for me. I love the arcadey, fast paced action with the emphasis on 2 on 2 fighting over all kinds of terrains. It helps that I've always liked Gundam designs, and these games have(Usually... cough Extreme Force cough) an enormous amount of different units to play. I adore this franchise, and I'm still waiting for a console port of Maxi Boost.

1) Borderlands 2
 The other franchise I praise a lot in my blog: Borderlands. I'm not particularly fond of first person shooters, but somehow, somehow, fusing it with Diablo was a genius idea. Millions of different guns, interesting skill trees and classes, a fantastic art direction and a whole lotta game to go through make it one of my choice games. And one of the things that really do it for me, is the excellent multiplayer mode, and what makes it so good are the many different skills that are meant exclusively for this mode, like healing bullets. You heal your teammate by shooting at him. You shoot at your partner to heal him. Genius. Oh, and the co-op? It's local.

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