Friday, April 8, 2016

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs - Force Update 1.03

 Now this is more like it!
 The Asia release of Extreme VS Force finally got updated. And unlike the Borderlands Patch, this one actually matters and makes the game a whole lot better.

 It has two major additions: Six new units and two new modes. The units are: Master Gundam, 00 Gundam, Strike Freedom, Turn X, GP02A and, for the first time on console ports of Extreme Vs, the Mack Knife. It's a nice selection of units, with different playstyles, which is more than welcome, and bumps up the character roster to 46. It's a far cry from Full Boost's 96+ roster, but it's something. 

 The other new addition is 'Vs Extend Mode', which is made up of Free Battle and Course Battle. Free Battle lets you play against CPUs, finally, and offers all the options available on a console release, you can tamper with the AI difficulty, the boost gauge, the battle gauge, and even the timer to make it infinite if you so want to. This is the reason we play these games, and something that should've been here from the start.... but it's finally here, and it's gonna extend the game's life by a lot. As for Course Battle, it's basically an Arcade mode, featuring 8 courses of varying lengths. It's alright.

 The only thing I will complain about is how Vs Extend works, after you select Free Battle or Course Battle, the X button('cancel') takes you back to the main menu and not the Extend menu. It's a tiny nitpick, but still.

 Overall, while the character roster is still a bit lacking, this is at least acceptable by the series' standards, and bumps up my score to:
8.0 out of 10.

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