Saturday, April 2, 2016

Now Playing: Senran Kagura - Estival VS

Here we go again....
 Let it be known that I bought this game purely for research purposes, again. I mean, first time around I bought it because I had to see if they were as bad as I claimed due to my prejudice. Now because I have to see if the sequel improves upon the game. The life of a blogger is a hard one.

 And guess what? This time around I'm not skipping the story!.... yet. I'm gonna give it another chance, if it gets too dumb I will start skipping it again. And so far it's a bit dumb, I found myself laughing because of how dumb it all was, although the game did earn some honest laughs from me.

 Now, gameplay, I just did all five introductory chapters, and it's a bit better and a bit worse. Super attacks now occur in real time as opposed to cut-ins, which keeps the action running and feels much better. Aerial raves seem to be easier to pull off as well. All that said, the game runs a bit poorly on the Vita, I'm pretty sure Shinovi VS had a better framerate. It's not unplayable by any means, but it leaves something to be desired. On the other hand, graphics look slightly more detailed and crisper, and the 'cannon fodder' enemies' clothes break as well. Speaking of torn clothes, the 'torn' effect looks much better now.

 So, Estival VS looks like an average sequel. Some improvements here and there, a few hiccups, etc etc, still, I've barely played 5 stages so far, so maybe there's some mechanics still left to be introduced, and at least one of the new girls is a blast to play. Speaking of the girls, they have unashamedly placed all purchasable DLC characters on the character select screen, which is just tacky.

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