Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Archimpressions: Warriors Orochi 3

 This game is amazing.

 So I've been playing these old Warriors games, and they haven't aged very well... and to go back to this one? Jesus, it's incredible. Take everything that made Dynasty Warriors 7 good, and make it better: You get Warriors Orochi 3. From the HUGE character roster, with NO clones to the tons of fanservice(the good one!) in the way of character interactions, both between universes and between characters from diferent kingdoms and time periods!
 And there are hundreds of enemies on-screen at the same time, way more than 7. While generals look just as good, the common enemies certainly took a hit in detail, but it pays off. There's no slowdown. At all. I'm calling it right now, this is gonna be my favorite Warriors game yet. Cao Pi/Ma Chao/Wang Yuanji, here we come!

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