Monday, November 25, 2013

Now Playing: Bulletstorm

 Not as good as I expected?
 When it comes to FPS I'm not much of a fan of the modern ones. Taking cover and regenerating health are not my cup of tea, and limiting the weapons you carry due to realism is just dumb, especially when you consider that you have regenerating health. REGENERATING HEALTH. Oldschool ones however, are fantastic, run and gun frenetic fun, strafing your way around enemy fire is just way more fun than hiding behind cover. People Can Fly's Painkiller is one of my favorite FPSs of all time, if not my favorite. And so here we have Bulletstorm, by the creators of Painkiller, where they aim to mix the old with the new.
 So far, I'm not completely sold. Insert generic gruff Space Marine, who happens to look a lot like Marcus Phoenix, gets stranded on a planet and must now fight for survival. Or something. To be honest, the first segment in which you get to see your entire crew killed is kind of interesting, mind you, you barely got to meet these other characters, and what little you know of them is that they are some futuristic fraternity jocks, needless to say, you don't care about them. Still, having you witness their deaths first hand was a nice idea, but it could've used a bit more build up.
 As for the gameplay... Eh. It's nothing special. It's fast, really fast and it feels arcadey, which is actually quite to my liking. You still get regenerating health, which is not that cool, but I've been playing in normal and I haven't had to take much cover, so it's not really a necessity.You are to approach your enemies, as most of them are melee fighters that you get to outrun as you gun down, with a couple of marksmen providing back up. The Leash is an interesting idea, but I don't know just how well will it carry the game, it feels like a simple gimmick. Oh, and why the hell is Multiplayer Mode called multiplayer mode if the ONLY mode to be played is Anarchy? Why not just call it Anarchy? Or simply Multiplayer? Maybe they planned to add more modes via DLC later? And it's co-op only, no deathmatch, kind of a bummer. I played around with three other fellows, but we got stuck on wave 4. We retried it 4 times and failed to get the score needed, that's no fun at all. Who thought that having you replay a wave until you get the score you need, IN MULTIPLAYER, was a good idea? Sigh.
 Bottom Line: I feel like I can get to like it, but so far not too good.

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