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Entry number 201 Special: Worst 10 games of Last Gen

 Well, since waiting for entry number 300 would leave me way deeper into the next gen, I'll do this now. The worst games I've played this generation. Truth be told, I handpick my games, so most of the time I get good games. Most of the time.

 Number 10) Metroid: Other M
 Ah! The game that kickstarted my blog, Other M. Honestly, as a game, it's not ALL that bad. It wasn't a good game by any means, but considering the rest of the games I had to remind myself of, it isn't all that bad. my biggest complaint was it's huge identity crisis, the game just didn't know what it wanted to be, with conflicting gameplay elements. Oh, and the story was awful.

 Number 9) Bionic Commando
 Your bionic arm holds the spirit of your dead wife, I think I don't need to say more. But if I  had to? It was gritty for the sake of being dark and edgy, and it had loads upon loads of invisible walls that killed you on the spot, it was so annoying. If you give me a Bionic Arm that works as a hookshot, I'd like to have fun swinging around, not having my character drop down dead due to "poisonous gas".

 Number 8) Rayman Raving Rabbids
 As much as people love to bash the Wii, I love it. If you were in the know, it had more than a couple of new games. Despite all that, I hate most motion controls, which is why I don't know why I bought this game. Actually, I know, I wanted a Party Game. This one was boring, repetitive and dumb. Still, it is functional, which is why it's not lower on the list, plus, the Rabbids were a fantastic creation. Until Ubisoft decided to exploit them....

 Number 7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up
 Hey there, Ubisoft, we meet again! This game is nothing but broken promises. It was supposed to celebrate the Idon'trememberwhatnumberth anniversary of TMNT, and as such they were gonna give us an all-star cast. Speaking of all-star cast, it was being developed by people that had worked in both Smash Bros and Team Ninja. It was gonna play like Smash-Bros, but have a deeper fighting system. It was supposed to be a good game. The all-star cast? Just 16 characters. Of those 16, 4 are Wii-exclusives, PS2 players only get 12 characters. Of those 16 characters, 3 are Rabbids. Yes, Rabbids in a TMNT game celebrating an anniversary of the series. The turtle ninja-Rabbid could've been a nice little bonus, had the cast being larger and had the game not had 3 of them. Oh, and not every character gets an alternate costume, there are not alternate colors either, so you have to go by colored auras. Really. As for the game itself, it just wasn't much fun, the fighting just doesn't feel quite right, controls were needlessly complex, and it was supposed to be an Smash Bros game! TMNT: Smash-Up might not have been a terrible game, but fans of the franchise, like me, were so excited about it, and Ubisoft screwed it up so badly.

 Number 6) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
 A movie-licensed game from a franchise I'm not even a fan of? What was I thinking!? To be fair, I had read the reviews, but as much as video-reviews said it was bad, it looked like my kind of game. Arcadey, fast-paced and simple to play. Turned out into a borefest. I'm not one to complain about the length of a game, but I was just begging for this game to end. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it so boring, but it's just a lifeless game. Lifeless.

 Number 5) SBK: Snowboard Kids
 I've never like racing games much. As a kid, I was a N64 kid, but while my friends loved Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, those were but rentals for me. Snowboard Kids? I rented it more than a couple of times before convincing my parents to buy it for me, and I loved it. Everything about the game was fantastic. Sadly, I never came upon the sequel... And then, I learned of a DS sequel. I just had to had it. And it was so bad. The game now tries for a more realistic approach(As realistic as you can get when a character has hair standing about a head over.. his own head) and characters now have serious storylines, because we needed them. The courses just feel completely lifeless, the character redesigns are just as lifeless and generic, long gone are the charming big-nosed characters from before. And the gameplay? The CPU, all three of them love to gang up on you. They will never, ever, use items against each other, oh no, they have a vendetta against the player. Playing this game and unlocking stuff quickly becomes frustrating, if only the game had a bit of what made the previous game so good....

 Number 4) Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosions XL
 Now we are getting into the truly awful stuff. Luckily this game was a gift from a friend(Hope you ain't reading this!), but it was still on my "to get" list. Reviews make this game seem somewhat decent. It's not. This is a Smash Bros. clone, and like every clone, it's not even half as good. What makes this game so bad is the gameplay. It's just awful. The hit detection is wonky, character movement and the attacks themselves are equally wonky. And the physics are just awful. It's like nothing has weight to it. It's hard to explain, but it's very, very wonky. It also has more than a fair share of glitches. The worst part is that the developers really tried, and you can tell from all their preview videos and the amount of content and modes they packed into the game. But sadly, the gameplay is just awful. And I heard that the PS3/X360 version is even worse, with many lock ups and freezes.

 Number 3) Lunar Dragon Song
 Ubisoft, why do you do this to me?(Actually, they only published the game). Lunar is a series I like a lot. I liked Lunar 1 a bit, and Lunar 2 is among my favorite RPGs ever. Lunar: DS was one of the games that enticed me on getting a DS(luckily, not one of the main factors, which actually delivered quite nicely). The villain name has my name, Ignatius, just what could go wrong? Besides the fact that you don't even get to fight him, even though he is implied to be very powerful, and instead just falls to his death. But that's not the worst of it, the worst of it is the gameplay. How about this being an RPG where you don't get to aim your attacks? Oh no, the CPU chooses for you. Want to focus the enemy that can destroy your armor? Tough luck. Oh yeah, there are enemies that can break your equipment with one attack, who the hell thought that was a good idea? And you have to choose between getting money or experience from fights, not both. Because that was too mainstream. And running? You know, moving faster, since walking is usually slow and boring? RUNNING CONSUMES HP. RUNNING ON THE OVERWORLD, TOWNS OR DUNGEONS CONSUMES HP FROM THE ENTIRE PARTY. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?! And after you drop to about 20% of your HP, you can't run anymore. It's no wonder that any hope for a revival died with this game. Even though they ported the first game(Again) to the PSP later.

 Number 2) Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
 Phoenix Wright is one of my favorite videogame series of all time, so when I heard that Capcom reskinned it as a Birdman game, I just had to get it. Even the 9 bucks I paid for it were too much. The game tries oh so hard to be funny, I can tell that it tries, but it falls on it's face every single time. And this is a very text-heavy game, it lives and dies by the quality of the writing. And it's terrible. Lots of times, what you must present makes no sense. The game tells you to find the lies in the testimony, like Phoenix Wright, but a lot of times you just have to present whatever item they just mentioned, in order for them to expand their testimony. And let's assume that you actually find it funny, which you won't, the game, the whole game lasts as long as just one case from a Phoenix Wright game. What the hell!? This is one game I had no fun playing At all.

 Number 1) Windy X Windam
 I knew that this game was terrible. But... I had been following the game ever since it had first been announced. It looked like a Guilty Gear clone, in the character design department, but I didn't really mind, and I love fighters and I wouldn't mind a new DS fighting game. Then, they announced that Izuna and Shino, from Legend of the Unemployed Ninja: Izuna 1 and 2 were gonna be guests! Then the Japanese rom came out and I played it... and it was terrible. The graphics are hideous, sprites are stiff and lack frames everywhere, I always stand by "Gameplay over Graphics", but man, these sprites look very, very cheap. And even if it looked good, or even decent, which it doesn't. Even if it was any fun, which it isn't. The controls are broken. They don't work, they are sloppy and very poorly implemented, special moves don't go off most of the time. Playing through the game is an exercise in frustration. The most important thing in a fighting game are the controls, they have to be responsive, they have to be spot-on. This game doesn't have that. It doesn't even make up for being so awful to play by being pretty, because it's not. Every move looks a couple of frames short.
 And despite all that, I still bought it. I had a bit of hope that playing it on a DS would make it better. Maybe the emulator was skipping frames or something. It wasn't. This game is the Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu of the last generation, it's so bad... it's terrible and should be avoided by everyone.

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