Thursday, December 5, 2013

Now Playing: Killer is Dead

 Suda 51 strikes back.
 No More Heroes meets Killer 7? The overall aesthetics of the game, both character design and graphic style, look straight out of Killer 7, while the gameplay is very No More Heroesish. Heck, Mondo can use the Darkside step, just like Travis! Getting used to Mondo's movement took a bit of time, since he doesn't come to a stop as soon as you stop pushing on the analog stick, but afterwards it became smooth sailing. Basically, I am enjoying the gameplay quite a bit.... except the Gigolo Missions. They are pretty dumb, and I can see myself growing tired of them, and even if they are optional, the first one gave me the Drill Arm subweapon, so not doing them would probably mean missing out on features. They are also quite tacky and in poor taste, as you are to look at a chick's crotch or breasts while they aren't looking to raise your guts meter. If Suda 51 wanted to pander to the lowest common denominator, he could've made more fanservicey costumes or something.
 Still, this is a Suda 51 game and it shows, what little I've played (A man's gotta study, sadly) I enjoyed, and I'm looking forwards to playing some more. I think I will grow to like Mondo, he seems to be a bit more serious, like the Smiths, rather than off-the-wall insane like Garcia Hotspur or Juliet Starling, and while I love the latter, I don't mind a more serious protagonist every now and then, Garcian and Dan Smith were as serious as Suda 51's characters get, and they were very memorable(Due in part to the game itself, though). Ah well, let's go for more!(Actually, probably not today, but as soon as I have free time on my hands!)

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