Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Now Playing: Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

 Oh, Japan....
 So, I go into the options, y'know, I wanted to turn off Action camera, but turn on Hit effects... and there I see it "Breast Motion". Japan... why are you so... so... Japan? Even funnier, you can set it to Off, Natural or DoA, yet even Normal look like sacks of jello, Team Ninja have you ever, ever seen breasts? Someone has to have seen at least a pair, heck, you must have more than a couple female members on your team, that is not how breasts behave. Oh Japan!. What's truly saddening is that DoA fans are equally... weird, DoA forums are filled with brilliant topics such as "Why do they have flat butts?" "Who has the best boobs?" and a couple of other gems, no wonder Team Ninja panders to them, and DoA 5 looked so promising when it was first revealed, less fanservicey 'n everything...
 As for the game itself... it's basically DoA 5 with 5 new characters and some new stages. True, there is this new Power Launcher feature, but it's not quite a game changer. There are a lot of costumes per character now, actually, characters have the amount of costumes, more or less, fans of the series have been used to, that's kinda cool. Bleh, not much else to say, it really does feel like just an update, a v1.0 to v1.1 if you will.

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