Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Now Playing: Eve of Extinction

 Can I do it? Can I finish it before New Year's Eve?!
 Back when I owned Eve of Extinction, I didn't particularly care about it, but this year I had an urge to play it, so I bought it. Watching videos, and reading things about it, I prepared for the worst... It's actually really friggin' decent! I remember the game having a ton of weapons, and evidently every boss is going to leave a weapon behind... yet, combat is incredibly repetitive and a bit bland. Still, it's kinda maybe sorta fun, graphics are pretty friggin' decent, Music is alright, Voice acting is cheesy but passable, the plot is a prequel to Bionic Commando(PS3) and the gameplay is borderline dull... however, the game is more than a sum of it's parts. So far, I can tell that a lot of effort and thought went into the game, there's great ideas even if the execution is a bit iffy.
 Bottom Line? It's good. It's not awesome, but it's really good.

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