Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Month Overview: October 2016

Siren - Blood Curse 7.0
Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2                         8.0
Resident Evil - Revelations 7.0

 Halloween's come and gone and as per usual ever since I began my university life... it wasn't what I wanted out of the best holiday ever. Ever. Regardless, I got to play most of what I wanted. Siren was decent but slightly underwhelming, Revelations wasn't as fantastic as I was led to believe... but Lords of Shadows 2 was way better than it deserved to be.
 Then there's also Corpse Party - Blood Drive, I just hit chapter 4 and I already hate the damn thing.

 Game of October:
 I'm a bit conflicted, still, with Lords of Shadow 2. There's plenty of things that other games of the same genre do better, like combat. Devil May Cry is much more stylish and creative and God of War is much more refined. And the exploration can get tedious. But when I think about the game as a whole, I had a blast. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what made the game so engrossing for me, but the fact is that it was and that I wouldn't mind returning to the world of Lords of Shadows another time.

 To be honest, while I rated both Siren and Revelations pretty favorably, I gotta say... I don't think either game was very memorable for me. The reason I picked Revelations over Siren is... Raid Mode. The silly, cheap bonus mode which reuses environments from the main story mode, but damn, is it addictive!

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