Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Now Playing: Corpse Party - Blood Drive

 Not my smartest idea.
 Playing the third entry in a very story-focused franchised without having played the previous game wasn't my smartest idea. But whatever, I play games for the gameplay, not the story!

 ...And yet I found myself confused after the first few lines of narration! Turns out the game is rather heavy on narrative, which I wasn't expecting. A lot of crazy stuff happened, but I'm guessing the initial preface is just to remind returning players of what happened and not to introduce new players to the world of Corpse Party. Fair enough.
 Regardless, the story is a bit.... I've mixed feelings about it. First of all, the main character is supposed to be rather shy and timid, yet described a character's appearance as having a 'shit-eating grin' which was very off-putting and laughably ridiculous. I was also surprised to find a few scenes of very distinctive Japanese humor which was off-putting as well. I thought I was playing a horror game, not watching a high-school comedy anime show.

 The game looks very cutesy with its super deformed, chibi character models, but it gets pretty dark pretty fast, with the main character cutting herself with a pair of scissors. It made me wince a bit, surprisingly, and the first death also creeped me out despite the cute aesthetics, so bonus points for that.

 Basically, it looks like a decent game, albeit with a few quirks, but there's a thing that absolutely destroys the entire game: Loading screens. There're loading screens for everything, for going into the menu, for selecting something on the menu, etc. And they last a good 5 seconds or so, and it adds up. I've only played the very first chapter and I'm already fed up with them!

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