Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Now Playing: October Edition

 Two out of three.
 Just finished Chapter 5, so I've a pretty good grasp of the game already. It's... good. Mostly. For starters, I really could've done without having to switch between characters so often. And whoever came up with the Scanner needs to get fired. Or take a salary cut. Because the scanner is too good not to use it, potentially extra ammo, healing supplies and the hidden marks that unlock stuff... which means I've the scanner equipped 90% of the time, which means I spent most of my time scanning different areas. Walk a bit more, scan again, etc. It's getting tedious. And true, it's not a necessity, but why wouldn't I? I want the unlockable, I want extra ammo and health, plus, I'm pretty sure the game is built around it, since enemies can take quite a bit of punishment and they don't drop ammo. The dodge mechanics is irksome to say the least.
 Frankly, I think the game was at its best on the very first chapter. The ship segment was scary, enemies were rare, but resilient, so at that one time that enemies started dropping up from everywhere, I naturally felt inclined to run. Plus, the scanner hadn't been introduced yet. The game hasn't managed to grip me that tight again, the constant shifting viewpoints makes it hard to get invested on the environment and the atmosphere, and the Scanner issue is too game-y and tedious. It's a bit of a shame really. Oh, and Rachel is the dumbest character to ever touch the franchise, the character is so goddamn stupid-looking that she looks straight out of Hideo Kojima's perverted, and overrated, mind, thank god she was offed during the first trailer.
 Siren is a bit underwhelming to be honest. I kinda hyped myself up with it due to the fact that I've fallen in love with Silent Hill, and a few of Silent Hill's alumni worked on this game. The episodic nature really hurts this game, I just finished chapter 4 and the game moves at a breakneck speed, and having the game divided into tiny missions really breaks any sort of immersion a player could get into. That said, the game has managed to be creepy at times.... at least until you get a weapon. The thing is, when you are unarmed you become an easy target for the Shibito, so a lot of tension comes from having to stealthily avoid them... but as soon as you grab a weapon you can make short work of them. This is the reason Chapter 3, the one with the little girl, was so good. since there was absolutely no way to defend yourself and you had to rely on your wits and stealth.
 Hilariously enough, as much as I loved chapter 3's need for stealth and wits.... I'm not much of a fan of stealth, I like my Horror Games when they lean towards Resident Evil: Actiony. And as for the 'sightjacking' mechanic... I'm not a fan. Using the half-screen mode makes the frame rate take a noticeable dip(Purposely?), and I find it a bit hard to keep track of where they are looking at(Maybe I'm just bad?) so I've just been using it to keep track of where enemies and allies lie.

 I'm not sure of how much it shows, but both games have been... slightly disappointing. Revelations fails to commit to either pre or post REvil 4's mechanics, so it feels like it's a bit misguided. Blood Curse, on the other hand, isn't my type when it comes to videogames.
 Ah well, there's still Corpse Party left.... a game that had some pretty bad reviews at release.
 Halloween is ruined. At least I'll get to criticize videogames, that's always fun.

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