Friday, September 30, 2016

Horror October

 It's time for October, my favorite Month of the Year, and this Year I want to make it extra spicy... with horror games! Every October I love to smother myself with Horror movies, but seeing how I'm midway through a Kubrickathon, with a Lynchathon comin' up next, I guess it's time for videogames to take the center stage.

 Seeing how I'm not making the most of my time this year, I've a three tier plan that incorporates a few of the games I'm currently playing through, but what matters the most in my Horror October is clearing my Tier 1 games.

Tier 1: These are the games I mean to get through all throughout October. Ideally I should be able to finish all three of them before October is over.
 Corpse Party - Blood Drive: Going through this game without playing the previous games is probably a very, veeeeeeeeeeeery bad idea, and I've heard horrible things about how buggy the game is. I dunno, it looked kinda neat, although it could've done without the fanservicey blonde.
 Resident Evil - Revelations: Another game with a fanservicey blonde. And a brunette who is missing an entire leg worth of pants, but I digress. Revelations was well received at release, and for a while it was considering one of the few 3DS exclusives worth... before it received an enhanced port on consoles!
 Siren - Blood Curse: I know nothing about the Siren franchise except the fact that it looked creepy and some of the Silent Team members were involved. I've high hopes for this one!

 Tier 2: Made up of only one game, I won't consider dabbling into this one unless I've time to spare after clearing the Tier 1 games.
 Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2: I've said it hundreds of times already, but most gamers aren't open to change. Just look at DmC. Just look at Infamous 2 Cole's hair on the reveal trailers. Things have to stay the way they are or they will scream, whine and make a fuss on online boards. Such is not the case with me, I'm pretty open to change as in I will approach it with an open mind, so if it's a decent game, like DmC, I will enjoy it, but if it's trash, like Final Fantasy XIII, I will call it out for it. It's the reason Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty do so well every year in spite of lukewarm reception.
 But I digress, as per usual, I really liked Lords of Shadow. I liked Gabriel's design, I liked the idea behind the combat cross and I liked the ending, albeit I didn't consider as fantastic as other would lead you to believe. Regardless, while the initial trailers gave me a sort of Legacy of Kain vibes, I was very much interested in this sequel. And it wasn't the terrible reception it got that made me wait so much to get it.... it was the fact that it had story related DLC and I was hoping for a sort of 'Complete' edition that never came out!

Tier 3: These are games that I'm currently playing that have horror elements and lend themselves to a Horror October special. Needless to say, it's no skin off my back if I don't get to them this month.

 Disgaea 2 - Cursed Memories: I'm not gonna lie... I'm not having fun. At all. I'm midway through chapter IV and I'm considering using the Nekomata exploit just so that I can cruise through the game, write about it and never touch it again. And while Disgaea 2 is mostly a humorous game... it also deals with demons. All sorts of demons. Which is kinda scary.
 Resident Evil 6: It's not my fault I never got beyond Chris' campaign! I actually do want to continue playing this game, but my co-op partner has been unavailable, so... my progress got kinda stumped here.
 Shin Megami Tensei IV: I've been playing it on and off and I'm a bit surprised by how little this game has engrossed me. I tend to love Shin Megami Tensei games, but this one is lacking... something. I think the setting simply isn't very interesting, even Soul Hackers, that felt similar to this one, had a more interesting set-up. Also, demons.

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