Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now Playing: Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2

 What a Horrible time to Repeat a Reference.
 Lords of Shadow, just like DmC, never really had a chance. Y'know the average gamer, at least the vocal minority, change is always bad, change can be allowed, please give us more identical Assassin's Creed/Call of Duty/Farcry games. But I digress, as per usual, I enjoyed Lords of Shadow back in the day, although, to be fair, I hadn't played God of War back then so I had no point of reference! Regardless, I liked it, I liked Gabriel's design and I liked the turns and twists they pulled with Mirror of Fate later down the line.

 Lords of Shadow 2 starts with a bang, if I had to pick a word it'd be 'Grandiose', the opening segment felt very much like God of War 2's if GoW 2 had had today's(Or yesteryear's) hardware. The new art direction feels very Legacy of Kain-esque, for whatever reason, I like it a lot. Combat seems to flow better than what I remembered from LoS 1, and, thank god, you can turn off QTEs!! I just earned the power to go through time, and judging from what I've played already, I'm liking the game a fair bit, although I could've gone without the stealth sections, heck, you aren't even allowed to take your chances and unwind your whip!

 Now then, I said that I wouldn't touch this game until I had gone through Revelations, Siren and Corpse Party. Well, seeing how Siren and REvil - Revelations weren't exactly what I bargained for and seeing how Corpse Party received bad reviews... I thought I'd save Halloween by playing a game, that while it had a lukewarm reception, seemed exactly like my kind of game, so I just might like it. And so far, so good!

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