Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Archile's Grab-bag: Last one o'the year Edition.

 It's that time of the year again...
  Dragon Quest VIII: A game I've been meaning to play for a while now. I could've waited for the 3DS port, which added new characters... but I felt like the 3DS was a bit underpowered to run the game as smoothly as the PS2, and I didn't much care for the new characters, so might as well get this version!
  Brave Fencer Musashi: When I was younger I ached to play this game for a loooong while before finally being able to satiate that need, and when I finally did, for one reason or another, I didn't finish it. Regardless, it was a neat little game that I want to play now, so that, I will.
  Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Oh, yeah! My favorite Tony Hawk game!... which isn't saying much, actually, considering that I had only played Pro Skater 3, 4 and a demo of 2. Regardless, while I spent much, much more time playing Pro Skater 4, Underground 2 was the most memorable to me. It had the best mechanics, the most memorable levels and skaters and a ridiculous story tying it all together. I've longed to play this one again ever since I decided to get back into Tony Hawk, so I'm stoked to revisit it.
  Pokemon Sun: It's frigging Pokemon. I've tried to avoid as much information as possible, something which was impossible with Facebook vomiting the new reveals on my face, as well as videogame news outlets putting explicit thumbnails next to their titles. Why? Because I wanted to replicate the feeling of newness I felt when playing Ruby and Pearl for the first time, two generations that took me by surprise, since Internet wasn't such a big deal and I stopped reading videgoame magazines for Ruby's release and I didn't care much for the fourth generation and bought Pearl on a whim.
 Regardless, I watched a single trailer, and man, oh man, I wish they would use this game's engine for a proper, teen or adult-themed JRPG. It looks SO beautiful, I feel it's somewhat of a waste on a Pokemon game. Shin Megami Tensei 3D's games could definitely use a facelift.....
 Pandemonium 2: I kinda bought this on accident, since I actually wanted to get the first one first... While I've known about the Pandemonium games for a while now, I never really cared about them, but for whatever reason they piqued my interest this year, so I decided to take them for a whirl!

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