Friday, November 18, 2016

Now Playing: Guardian's Crusade

 And here we go again, tests be damned!
 There's something to be said for my sense of good timing, or lack there of. Y'see, the academic semester is coming to a close, which means I'm gonna be kinda swamped having to study for both tests and exams. So I decided to begin another game, a time-consuming JRPG at that! Making good decisions feels good.

 Anyways, onto Guardian's Crusade! This is a game I've longed to play ever since I could remember. I think I first heard about it on an 'Xpert Gamer' magazine which also covered Legend of Legaia(A fantastic JRPG, by the by), and I was captivated by the image of Knight and Baby. So a decade goes by and lo and behold, here I am playing said game!

 What can I say? There's something about these old PS1-era JRPGs that I just adore. The simple, blocky graphics, the melodic tunes, the simple-but-effective turn-based combat systems... I just love them. Guardian's Crusade might just be a tad to simple for its own good, but considering I've only sunk one hour... I'm remaining hopeful.

 One random tidbit to end this entry with: You actually start at level 1! I hate it when RPGs have you starting of at level 5 or whatever, I LIKE LEVELING UP, DO NOT TAKE LEVELS AWAY FROM ME! Even Final Fantasy VII, my favorite RPG ever, starts you off on a higher level. So yeah, the game gets bonus points for that,

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