Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Now Playing: Silent Hill - Homecoming

 Am I even in Silent Hill?
 First and foremost, this is a list of all the games I've started without finishing(yet):
 Ain't pretty right? Not only that, I'm in the middle of my Guardian's Crusade playthrough.... but, dammit, Silent Hill comes first! And sure, I might have one of my toughest academic tests yet this Friday... but, dammit, Silent Hill comes first!

 Anyways, I just cleared the hospital level-thing and... Movie Nurses, which are a variation Silent Hill 2's nurses... No bueno. And Alex gets impaled by Pyramid Head's giant cleaver. No. Flipping. Bueno. At all.

 Leaving these tiny-but-not-that-tiny details aside, the game's been doing a good job of setting up an unsettling, creepy atmosphere. Just like the slightly off-putting voice acting from the second game, the robotic, inexpressive character models help make the characters feel... uncanny, which really helps set a creepy tone. So bonus points for that unintended effect! Then there's the gameplay itself which works relatively fine all things considered. Having a dodge-counterattack mechanic feels slightly fresh for a survival horror, and I'm not against having more options when fighting. Clunky controls and mechanics should never be part of how a survival horror game works.

 To sum up, I'm liking the game, and I've little to complain about besides how little care they took when borrowing creatures from previous games.

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