Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Now Playing: X-Men Legends

 Legendary ripoff.
 I don't know who had the brightest idea to rip off Diablo but with X-men characters, but that guy was a genius! And the one who decided to bring the entire Marvel universe into the mix? Give him a raise! But I'm getting ahead of myself, two games ahead as a matter of fact.

 While I played both X-Men Legends 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PC, as well as Ultimate Alliance 2 on the PS3, Legends 1 always eluded me since, by that time I was more of a PC gamer(I know) and my PS2 was kinda dead, so I was stuck with the PC ports of Legends 2 and MUA. But no more!

 I played a teeny tiny little bit, joined up with Cyke and defeated The Blob and... it feels pretty much like every other game in the franchise, which is a good thing... I think.

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