Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Month Overview: July 2017

Spider-man 2(PS2) 7.0
Shadow Hearts - From the New World 8.0
Ultimate Spider-man(GBA) 8.0
Ultimate Spider-man(DS) 5.5
Ultimate Spider-man(PS2) 8.0
Spider-man - Battle for New York(GBA) 5.5
Tekken 4 8.0
Spider-man - Battle for New York(DS) 2.0
Spider-man 3(GBA) 8.0
Spider-man 3(DS) 3.0
Spider-man 3(PS2) 6.0
Spider-man 3(PS3) 5.0
Spider-man Friend or Foe(DS) 4.5
Spider-man Friend or Foe(PS2) 6.0
Spider-man Web of Shadows Amazing Allies Edition(PS2) 6.0
Spider-man Web of Shadows(PS3) 8.5
Spider-man Web of Shadows(DS) 7.0
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions(PS3) 7.0
Spider-man Shattered Dimensions(DS) 7.5
Spider-man Edge of Time(DS) 2.0
Spider-man Edge of Time(PS3) 6.0
The Amazing Spider-man(DS) 4.5
The Amazing Spider-man 2(3DS) 5.5
The Amazing Spider-man(PS3) 6.0
Spider-man 2(PSP) 6.5
Spider-man 3(PC) 3.5
The Amazing Spider-man 2(PS3) 5.0
Spider-man Web of Shadows(Wii) 7.0
Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures 5.0

 That's a LOT of Spider-man games! Sadly, the Spider-man videogame franchise has a lot of terrible, terrible games. But I got through the bad, the mediocre, the good and the great. I can't understand how I played SO many games in one month, but it's probably due to the fact that these were pretty short games, most of them anyways.

 Game of July:
 The best Spider-man game of the bunch. It's so good it's not even funny. It's a shame that it had so many QTEs which really put a dent into how much I enjoyed the game. With Web of Shadows, Treyarch finally perfected both swinging and combat mechanics and thanks to that, it just doesn't get old. This is the golden standard for Spider-man games, forget about Spider-man 2.

 Outdated? Completely. But I've still got a soft spot for the black ship of the series, the Tekken that dared to be different. I still enjoy the character and level designs from this game, although the now-shortened movesets do hurt my muscle memory from future games a bit.

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