Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Now Playing: Suikoden V

 Onto the last PS2 Suikoden!
 Oh my god, it's beautiful! While not ugly, Suikoden III and IV weren't quite the lookers, but V? V is drop dead gorgeous, character models are detailed and feature plenty of soft fabric twirling behind them.

 But enough about frivolities, Suikoden V started pretty promising. The first 14 minutes have you stuck through cutscenes and they were interesting enough as for me not to get bored. I only knew they lasted that long since I saved my game afterwards!

 The fights are fun, if slightly less exciting than IV's, the camera doesn't pan around as much, which makes them less action-y as a whole and a wee bit more static. Not a deal breaker though. I heard loading times were cruel, but so far they seem moderate, what you'd normally expect in a JRPG, that said, I've been fighting with a 4-man party only, so maybe after I get two more members it will tax the loading process a bit more.

 Regardless, it was a stunning first impression.

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