Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Now Playing: Suikoden IV

 Suikoden Black Flag?
 Since Shadow Hearts 1 hasn't arrived yet, and I need to play something instead of, y'know, studying for tomorrow's test, I decided to start Suikoden IV.

 The new water-ship motif is interesting to say the least, it feels very... I want to say unique, but it actually brings back memories of Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag, guess the '4' in the title is no coincidence! But I digress! What I meant to say was that among JRPGs, this water motif makes it rather unique, particularly since the characters aren't pirates, but knights!

 I know this one is considered the black sheep of the series, but having played little over 30 minutes, I rather like it! The downgrade to four-man parties will probably be disappointing once I more characters though! I'm digging the battles, however, spells come out much faster. I also like the fact that you start off at level 1, I hate when RPGs have you starting out at other levels!

 All in all, I'm feeling hopeful, Suikoden IV seems fun.

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