Sunday, May 7, 2017

Now Playing: Castlevania - Curse of Darkness

 What a horrible night to have a curse.
 It's no secret that I love me some Castlevania, and Curse of Darkness is pretty much the only Castlevania I've yet to play. And maybe the gameboyvanias. And while I did play Castlevania 64 I didn't play Legacy of Darkness... BUT I DIGRESS, Curse of Darkness was one of the very few Castlevania games I hadn't played, so I had to. I had to.

 It baffles me how lukewarm Lament of Innocence's reception was, as I felt that was the perfect way to bring Castlevania into 3D, whatever the case may be, Curse of Darkness had been better received, so I was wondering what all the hoopla about it was. And I still do. Don't get me wrong, I'm an hour into the game and I'm liking it, but not as much as Lament of Innocence, even though this one brought Weapon types into the mix.

 Oh glorious weapon types, there're 5 basic types: Sword, Axe, Spear, Knuckle and special, and it seems like there're subtypes among weapons, since the foil and the short sword have entirely different movesets. The combat is rather fun, although a targeting feature would've been welcome as I've hit the air more times than I would've liked. Landing 'Final Attacks' feels very crunchy and rewarding, so props to that.

 Curse of Darkness is pretty alright so far, but nothing too special or noteworthy. I'm not the biggest fan of 'Collect them all' mechanics', besides Pokemon, Digimon and Shin Megami Tensei, so I'm not digging the Innocent Devils and their evolutions, but I guess every Metroidvania needs its gimmick.

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