Saturday, May 27, 2017

Now Playing: Shadow Hearts - Covenant

 The road to #400 continues
 When I first booted up the game I look at the intro cutscene and... GODDAMN, IT'S LOOKING SPIFFY. And then I started the game and... GODDAMN, THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL, YO. Not only that, combat feels better, and even though it seems to run at a lower framerate, it also seems to flow faster, and the smoother animations make the combat look glorious. That said... why did I bust my butt off getting the ultimate fusion and the good ending... if this game was gonna carry over from the bad one! Dammit, Sacnoth, why did you guys make the canonical endings the bad ones!?

 As if you couldn't tell from my gushing, I adore Covenant. I just got through the first boss and I love the game. I do. I wasn't feeling Yuri's new design, looking at the art and screenshots, but it has won me over, it looks quite neat. I'm also liking Karin, since she reminds me of Orochi Leona, and I love Leona from King of Fighters.

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