Saturday, August 23, 2014

Now Playing: Crash Team Racing

 Repetition is the name of the game.
 And now, the only PS1 Crash game that I hadn't played, Crash Team Racing. It's no secret that I'm not a racing game fan, but CTR feels really, really good. What isn't "really, really good" is how the game expects you to play each track at least four times. And that's in a best case scenario, which is why I'll probably unlock everything with cheats after I'm done. The Gem collecting missions are really hard actually, too much for my poor racing skills, I had to retry the first one at least 2 times, and I couldn't finish the second one...

 At least the game plays really, really well, and the power slide-to-turbo mechanics are very fun after you understand how to do it, unlike Mario Kart, you have to earn your boosts. It also feels a bit more... fair. Track design is also really good, so far my favorite is, probably, the icy one with multiple paths and seals running about. Items also don't feel as strong as in Mario Kart, which is a good thing if you value skill over chaos, but it still managed to pull me from last place to first place a couple of times.

 As it stands, I just beat Komodo Joe, and while comparisons to Mario Kart are inevitable, the game does its own thing, just as the Crash Bandicoot games when it comes to platformers. I like this game.

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