Sunday, April 27, 2014

Now Playing: Hexyz Force

 Uh oh
 I wanted to wait a little longer before translating my first impressions into text, but if I waited any longer, it wouldn't be my "first impressions" anymore! Well, I picked Leon over Cecilia for my first playthrough, and while the storyline seems mildly interesting, it also has a... cliche air about it.

 But what matters most, at the moment, the combat system... I don't know if I'm cool with it. Seems there are two types of weapons, some consume RF(Mana?) and others... break. I don't know if I'm gonna like having my weapons break all the time and having to carry multiple, unfixeable, weapons. I'm the kind of guy that easily gets attached to stuff, so I don't want to find a really cool weapon only to have it break on me! I'm not saying that it's a bad design choice, I'm just saying that it's not my kind of game.

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