Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Archile's Grab Bag: About to hit the sack Edition

 A new package! Yay! Except that I kinda wanna sleep.
 Let's open this bad boy up.
 Dark Cloud 2: I loved this game when I was younger, but I never got around finishing it. It's also gotten sorta expensive.
 Pursuit Force - Extreme Justice: The Sequel to Pursuit Force, I actually have Pursuit Force... but it's on Miami, since the package would've been to big had I shipped that one in!
 Guilty Gear Judgment: I love Guilty Gear, and this includes an exclusive Beat'em up mode, so why not? I will have to get Accent Core Plus down the line though.
 Lord of Arcana: The screenshots make it seem mundane, but I tried the demo and I sorta kinda liked it.
 RetroGame Challenge: This one had been on my radar for quite a while, and since it's going up in price, why no?
 Gladiator Begins: I loved the demo, I can see the game growing repetitive, eventually, but the demo was so much fun!
 Lunar - Silver Star Harmony: While I loved Lunar 2, and finished it when I was younger, Lunar 1 didn't hook me so strongly. I did like it, just not as much as Lunar 2, and I never finished it! Since the PS1 version is kinda expensive, this version will have to do.
Rengoku - The Tower of Purgatory: I debated a long while over weather to get this game and its sequel or not, but the badass designs won me over, seems to be done by Guyver's author? I dunno, but they seem mighty interesting.

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