Friday, June 9, 2017

Archile's Grab-bag: Spider Edition

 Another day, another package
 Well, a lot of them!
 Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Marvel Ultimate Alliance was pretty dope, I've fond memories of playing this game on the PC and spending hours upon hours on it, so of course I had to get it back!
 Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows: I've heard mostly bad things about this game, but every piece of video footage I've seen about it only served to fuel my interest on this game.
 Jersey Devil: I've been meaning to play Jersey Devil for a long while now, that amazing cover has kept me interested in the game for years on end, and thanks to the age of Youtube, I managed to see gameplay and... It only made me want to play it even more!
 Gungrave: A game from when I was younger, I remember getting this game alongside Marvel VS Capcom 2 back in the day. Gungrave was fun, but it's got nothing on its way superior sequel, regardless, the completionist in me made me want to get the prequel as well.
 Hidden Invasion: I first found out about this game though a videogame magazine, but I was never to interested in it... until one sunday morning I came upon it and bought it on a whim. It was not very good... but fast forward to 2017 and it's dirt cheap, so why the hell not!?
 Gauntlet - Dark Legacy: Gauntlet on the N64 and PS1 was kind of a big deal, magazines were plastered with ads for them... and it took a long while before I was able to finally rent it on the N64. The game didn't meet my expectations, but I also felt like I hadn't been able to spend enough time with it. Dark Legacy is the updated re-release, and I'm willing to give it another whirl now.
 Marvel Ultimate Alliance(PS2): Did I mention how much I liked Ultimate Alliance? Well, the PS2 features and entirely different set of graphics, more akin to the way I played on the PC, so here I am with both PS2 and PS3 versions of the same game!... and maybe there's one more coming...
 Spider-man(GBA): There were two GBA Spider-man games I used to play back in the day, the movie(This) and Mysterio's Menace, and I distinctly liked this one more, albeit I spent more time with the latter. Time to get reacquainted!
 Spider-man 2: Another Spider-man game? That's so weird! Spider-man 2 is a bit of a classic, I bought it when I was younger based on the hype behind it and boy did it deliver! I did enjoy Ultimate Spider-man a bit more though.
 The Amazing Spider-man: Three Spider-man games in a row? What a strange coincidence! Straight to the point: Amazing Spider-man looked, well, amazing, like the proper next-gen free roaming Spider-man game we deserve... and it features Kaine as an alternate costume, I simply had to have this one.
 Spider-man 2 - Enter Electro: Yes, another Spider-man game, but this one has an explanation: I used to play this one when I was younger, it was the second Spider-man game I had ever played(The first one being Vs Sinister 6 on the NES). See? It's all a big coincidence.
 Spider-man: ...or maybe there's an Spider-man Gameathon coming soon...

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