Saturday, January 21, 2017

Now Playing: Dillon's Rolling Western

 Not impressed.
 I just started Dillon's Rolling Western, and it's kinda boring to say the least. The first part of every day is about gathering resources and building stuff... and it's really boring. Rolling around isn't much fun, it's kinda dull, and thanks to the dumb touchscreen controls, a bit imprecise.

 Then comes the Tower Defense bit, and... it's kinda dull as well. Enemies work like 'random encounters', as in touching them brings you into a battle zone in which you must do battle with several baddies. The touchscreen controls are too imprecise and clunky for my liking, it's easy to accidentally bring your fingers to the edge of the screen, and then makes it impossible to aim your charge.

 All in all... it doesn't seem like a good game.

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