Monday, July 18, 2016

Now playing: Resident Evil 6

 Michael Bay Edition.
 I don't know why it took me so much time to get to Resident Evil 6, considering Resident Evil 4 is among my favorite games ever, and I loved Resident Evil 5, maybe I was waiting for the inevitable DLC content, that ironically ended up not existing, so I waited. And waited. And waited. But the wait is over,

 It's funny to think that this used to be a Survival Horror franchise, but it's also interesting to see how it changed, it's somewhat like Evil Dead. Evil Dead 1 was pure horror, then Evil Dead 2 became Horror with a few dark humor elements thrown into the mix, while Evil Dead 3 was mostly humor with horror elements. Well, to be honest, and as much as diehard fans refuse to admit it, Resident Evil has always put action first. Resident Evil 2 gave you enough ammo to kill everything in your way, Resident Evil 3 gave you even more ammo plus the option to craft even MORE ammo. Code Veronica was pretty generous with ammo as well, if you could find it. After Resident Evil 1, Grenade Launchers and other heavy weaponry became the norm as well, so... yeah, Resident Evil has always been about the action. Then Resident Evil 4 made it even more actiony, but it still retained the horror elements. And then Resident Evil 5 removed some of the more slower paced scenes from Resident Evil 4, the ones that set the entire horror ambiance, this time around you were put into the brunt of the action from the first moment that Chris stepped out of the jeep. Now Resident Evil 6 adds unnecessary explosions, and helicopter-crashing-into-building scenes worthy of Michael Bay. This time around. the focus is easily on the action, which is not to say that horror has been entirely been done away with, I've been playing Chris' campaign, and I've hurt for ammo, although melee is relatively effective, and the monster designs are pretty gruesome, so, y'know, the horror elements are there, but they take a backseat to the action.

 Anyways, what I liked and didn't like:

- Monster design is neat.
- Leon's design. Come on, vests look badass.
- Playing in co-op is always a plus. Always.
- The controls are smooth, I liked all the options, like side or backstepping to the ground, or rolling around while aiming. I also like the melee combat, just mashing R1 produces attacks, which are tied to an stamina bar.

 Didn't like:
- The split screen wastes a lot of screen. It's not unplayable, but it needs some time getting used to.
- I decided to play in the game's vanilla state, and I can see why so many people complained about the camera being too zoomed in, but I didn't really notice it in Split-screen, only when I tried Mercs in single player did it bother me.
- The combat system. I know that I said that I liked it, and I do, but I sorta miss the 'shoot at specific body parts to trigger specific melee attacks' system.
- The A.I. is laughable. I ran across enemies staring at empty air, or running towards walls. It was a bit pathetic to be honest.
- QTEs, QTEs everywhere, all the time, like, come one, they are no fun. I'm tired of mashing buttons or pressing the correct button at the correct time thingies, do 'casual gamers' like these? Because, seeing how hard Capcom tried to appeal to the CoD crowd, this had to be done in order to appeal to them. Regardless, QTEs are bad, and there are a lot of them in here.

 As a whole, I'm pleased with the game.

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