Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Now Playing: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

 Surprisingly good.
 So, funny story, I actually bought the PS3 version, but it comes with the Vita version, for free, so I kinda downloaded it on the Vita, and started playing it there and... it seems that's the version I'm gonna play until I dabble into multiplayer!

 I've played a ton of Smash clones, and they always get the 'feeling' wrong. Movement always feels too floaty, too loose or too stiff, and it happens to every single one of them. Onimusha - Blade Warriors, Cartoon Network's Punchtime Explosion, Jump Ultimate Stars, TMNT Smash up, TMNT - Melee, Tales of Vs.... none get it just right, unless they do their own thing(Like, say, One Piece Grand Adventure, the Godzilla Gamecube games(Which, although I disliked it, at leas movement felt right) or Powerstone). Bottom line is, Smash Clones always feel off, always.... Until Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale came along. Damn, they got the movement just right. It's tight, but fast, the jumping is just the right amount of floaty to allow juggling without feeling weird. So right off the bat, extra 10 points for getting it right.

 Still, my biggest beef comes with the roster. Playstation's most iconic? Big Daddy, the guy from the multiplat Bioshock franchise? Is Fat Princess really that important to Sony? Raiden over Solid Snake? And Reboot Dante? I like new Dante, and I understand Capcom had to promote their new game, but classic Dante, the 'iconic' one, not even as an alternate costume?? And where's Lara Croft? Crash? Spyro? But more importantly, who thought giving Cole two different spots was a good idea? If he has a 100% different moveset from regular Cole I'm gonna be a bit bothered, since it means that he could've taken the spot of another character(Even though reusing a character model is cheaper than making a new one from scratch) Something named 'Playstation's All Stars' carries a certain expectations, and those expectations are not met. Not for people following the brand since its roots. Or since the Ps2, like I did(I've always been more of a Nintendo dude).

 As for the overall gameplay... I liked it. I only did the tutorial and a few of Dante's trials, but they gave me a clear idea of the overall gameplay, and I like it. It's similar enough to Smash Bros so as to make Smash players feel comfortable, but different enough as to maintain interest. Did you know? There's three attack buttons here, even though there are not tilt attacks(Or rather, Smash attacks?). As for the special attacks, I think it could've been handled better. Giving each character different Specials means that not all specials are equally as useful, but the problem surfaces when it comes to a character's specific specials. Take Dante, his level 1 is much more useful than the second one, since its easier to aim, but if you've built 2 bars of specials, you can't use the level 1 move twice, instead, you have to use the level 2 special.

 Still, overall, I'm impressed, I like it.

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