Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Now Playing; Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS - Force

 I hate Sony's Vita account system.
 The way the Vita account system makes it a hassle to get to play with the pre-order bonuses, goddamn it Sony. The PS3 had an excellent account system, but now? Get Sony'd.

 That out of the way, EXTREME VS IS BACK! Kinda. And I'd rather have Maxi Boost, but I'll take what I can get. Anyways, Extreme Force is a bit weird, because it uses the 'Extreme Vs' brand but doesn't even have an offline VS CPU mode. There's only 'Force Mode' and Ad-hoc mode. Because the Vita is so popular. There's also about one third the amount of playable mobile suits Full Boost had. A THIRD. And I could've dealt with the reduced roster if I could've had Offline vs. Which makes this a rather polarizing game...

 ... is what I would've said. The Japanese has been patched, and the Hong Kong version is gonna get the patch in about a month as well, to add offline VS CPU. And it includes 3 more units. And then there's patch 1.03 which adds another 3 units. Which means we'll be getting more free units in the future. And there's offline VS now as well! And I think they promised an Arcade Mode as well.

 Anyways, the game works well on the Vita, after getting used to the shoulder-button shortcuts for the special attacks it's a bit weird going back to double button presses, but it's not too bad. The missions themselves are OK, but it's very clear that this engine was not made for this kind of game. Which means that this could've been a great extra mode, like Mission Mode on Vanilla and Full Boost, but not the main --and only, mode. But it's being fixed now with the addition of other modes via free updates.

 And I'm not in favor of 'fixing', or 'completing' games after release, I actually hate when companies release unfinished games because 'they can patch the rest down the line', y'know, like Capcom and Street Fighter V. But this is Gundam Extreme VS, dammit!

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