Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now Playing: Bioshock Infinite - The Complete Edition

 I already booked my flight.
 Starting classes means more time locked up in my house, which translates into more time which means... 'first impressions' are back! Which is something I've always liked, to compare how I felt about something before finishing it, and comparing afterwards.

 Anyways, I'm up to the Hall of Heroes and so far... it's alright. Nothing special. I mean, I come from Dishonored, which gave me oh so many options and alternatives, and while there is exploration... it feels so linear. The game itself doesn't impress me either, because it's so similar to previous Bioshock games. Sure, it was cute how the game is the opposite of Rapture(You start on a lighthouse, but it takes you up instead of down, a dystopia on the sky instead of underwater, here there's a GOD, while Rapture stated: Men, not gods, etc), but... the novelty ran off, and all I'm left with is a third Bioshock games.

 And yes, the skylines are cool, but so far they feel like little more than a gimmick or a way to traverse the sky, and that's it.

 And I'm not saying the game is bad, not at all, just that it doesn't impress me. The story so far is, well, it's there, but nothing has gripped me yet. The gameplay is solid, but it feels exactly like the previous two Bioshock games, and mind you, it's fun, but it's nothing I hadn't seen before. Oh, except that I'm limited to two guns now because reasons!

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