Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Second View: Saint Seiya - Brave Soldiers

 I was wrong.
 After reviewing the game, I kept on playing, as I was having fun... or rather, thought I was. As I said, the fighting was very shallow, and I didn't delve too deeper into it, however as shallow as it was, I was having fun. Where lies the problem then? Well, the fighting is broken. Combos are basically useless, as pressing R1 while being hit, or a little before, teleports you behind your opponent no matter what. Having fun styling on your opponent with a long combo? Too bad, as they get hit, they build cosmo, get hit enough, and get a free teleport.
 And Special attacks are borderline useless, as most characters can't even combo into them since the start up is too long. Ikki's Flight of the Phoenix is one of the better special attacks in the game since it can easily hit airborne enemies, something that most characters can't even do. So, when is the best time to use an Special attack? To punish an enemy who is dumb enough to use an special attack. And Big Bang Attacks are almost useless. Every character's Big Bang attack deals the same damage, as far as I know, but the start up is different, either is very long or too long. Just like Special Attacks, you can't combo into them. so you must use it to punish stationery enemies. But then again, characters like Sagittarius Seiya has too much start up, making it almost impossible not to avoid it.
 What am I getting into? The gameplay is pretty bad. Highly surprising considering that the developer was DIMPS. All in all, I'm changing the 8.0 into a...
 5.5 out of 10.

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