Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Archile's Grab bag, Tuesday Edition

 New games !
  Shiny new package, full of loot, there's only one thing left to do....
  Get the right tool for the job.
  Cut cut cut cut.
  Street Fighter Alpha Antholgy: Street Fighter Alpha 3 is one of my favorite Street Fighter games EVER, and I've played the Arcade Version, PS1 version and GBA version. Regardless, I needed this game, and it comes with the Arcade version of the initial Alpha 3 release, all the Alpha games and Pocket Fighters. Too good of a deal, before Capcom got greedy.
  The Walking Dead: This is actually gonna be a gift, since he doesn't read this, I can post it no worries.
  Asterix & Obelix Kick Buttix: I never cared too much about Asterix and Obelix. I did like the show, and I might've read one or two comic books, but that was as a kid. But this game? I adored this game, even if it doesn't, but it should, have a multiplayer mode.
  Grandia II: Grandia II was a game I often saw in ads for the original, Dreamcast version. The closest thing I played was Grandia Extreme, which I liked but most critics didn't. Eventually I did play Grandia II, and I liked it, but my dying PS2 wasn't able to read the disc anymore....
   Street Fighter - Anniversary Collection: Street Fighter III: Third Strike is not only my favorite Street Fighter game, but one of my favorite 2D Fighting games ever(Just below Garou: Mark of the Wolves). And it includes one of the best versions of Street Fighter II, since you can mix and match versions of each character. Plus, I totally needed a legit Street Fighter II port.
   Flower, Sun and Rain: It's a Suda 51 game, do I really need to say more? Actually, this is an adventure-puzzle game, and every Suda 51 game I've played was an action game, so this is gonna be different. Hopefully the Suda 51 brand of different.
 Castlevania - Symphony of the Night: This was one of the reasons I opted for the PS2 instead of a Gamecube(Since I was kind of a Nintendo loyalist). I actually made a poster, filled with cut-outs from the game's original artwork, I was one excited kid! The game didn't disappoint, and so I really needed to get it back again.

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