Monday, January 27, 2014

Now Playing: Grandia II

 I'm feelin' it.
 Just spent little over an hour on this game, and so far so good. The downer first: You start at level 10. I absolutely hate it when RPGs start you at a different level than 1, I mean, why start at something different? I WANT TO EARN MY LEVELS, DAMMIT. The good news? That lone nitpick is my only complaint so far.
 Combat is fun, the cancelling may become more interesting later when you get more party members, looking forwards to it! Graphics are on the simple side, but are very charming anyways, characters look fairly interesting too, without resorting to abusing belt placement!  Oh, and the "Action" music is great.
 Grandia II is looking like a winner, no doubt about it.

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